LeaseWise Australia Pty Ltd

Case Studies

Case Study Number 3

A Central Coast-based partnership wanted to buy out a relative’s transport business but needed to finance the business’s truck and trailer assets.

The relative’s bank was threatening to repossess the truck and trailer and they were given only three days to resolve the matter.

The couple involved had a previous good loan account with Leasewise Australia and we were approached to assist.

Leasewise Australia responded immediately and inspected the business’s truck and trailer the very next day.

Unfortunately, the truck and trailer were worth less than the amount required to satisfy the bank so it was agreed the couple would provide a caveat on their home as collateral security.

This finance application passed all our other credit assessment tests so through applying flexibility and being quick to respond Leasewise Australia assisted one of its customers to avoid a nasty situation and produce a good outcome for all parties involved.

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