LeaseWise Australia Pty Ltd

Case Studies

Case Study Number 1

An established Sydney-based customer of five years with several loan accounts needed to spend $19,000 on rebuilding the engine and gearbox of one of his older prime movers. Our customer felt it was better to spend this fairly large amount on rebuilding work and to keep on the road what was otherwise a good and reliable truck instead of trading it in or selling it.

The customer approached Leasewise Australia to assist with the cost of repairs as he did not want to use his working capital for this purpose.

As the customer was well known to Leasewise Australia over a long time as a good and reliable businessperson we had no hesitation in assisting him.

It should be noted that Leasewise Australia has assisted many customers in this way.

Leasewise Australia has produced many good outcomes by applying flexibility in these circumstances.

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